soooo much in store....

Oh yes, I haven't been duckin' ! Just working and planning my ass off...for those who don't know ! Liq0urish Clothing Model Casting Call ! August 6th . & if ya can't make it, send shots to liq0urish_clothing@yahoo.com ! ya'll stay tuned <3


Rick Ross feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa “Super High Remix”

My three favorite dudes right now, they killin it ! It's still #FreeWeezy ; but you know what it is !



So for the cool kids who are #teamiPhone4 here's some cool accessories to cop ! If you're being an even cooler kid and waiting for the white one, well, here's some extra cool ish to cop early for you too =]

Check out these sites :




F R E E Z E .

More like pause...things have definitely been crazy for me, but of course -- "this is the life I chose" . Business calls, emails and interviews are becoming regular, and I can't even begin to imagine going back to the way life was before this lol . With that being said though LiQ is definitely IN the building, and this time we're here to stay .

-Geezy EFF <3


that LiQ shit .

I'm still on it, it's been mad crazy from casting calls to working on graphics and upcoming photoshoots and fashion shows...*sigh* . Finally I have a moment to chill, and come through on let ya'll know what the deal has been ! But don't worry, we got it on lock ;) stay tuned .

-GeezyEFF <3


Dolce & Gabbana 2011 Spring/Summer Preview

Anybody who knows me well, knows that Domenico & Stefano are my FAVORITE designers of all time . Check out their 2011 Spring/Summer Preview . Super f r e s h .

to check out the rest of the collection, visit http://www.dolcegabbana.com/dg/fashion-show/

summer, SUMmer, SUMMHER !

So summer is just about here, well basically it is for me...and yeah this is gonna be a busy one . Every second of life counts from this point on, and well it's pretty much up to you to determine how much it's worth . I got a few tricks up my sleeve...let's just see how good of a Houdini I can be..

-GeezyEFF <3


LiQ Exclusive : iKandy !

Let's talk about brains....and beauty though? I know right, sounds like something that's not even possible to find now a days, let alone in the state of Louisiana ! Surprisingly there's a Cambodian beauty by the name of iKandy. And with a name like that, she definitely doesn't disappoint. Not only is she a Model/Actress, but an Activist ! She always has something positive going on, and no matter what the cause, she does it on point .

-GeezyMonroe <3

Wanna see or know more about Ms. iKandy ?
Head over to her blog : http://ikandy-land.blogspot.com/
or become a fan on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/iKandy/116338068382129


More Kush & Orange Juice <$

I'm a huge Khalifa fan, ya'll are huge Khalifa fans....here's more Wiz Khalifa ! Taylor Gaaaaaang !